About Us

Extraordinary Power to Express The Ordinary, 
A vast landscape where the fog of uncertainty shrouds everything in its path.

A Brief History

Heykama was first founded in 2020 during a worldwide pandemic that took over our ability to meet each other in person. Lockdowns became prevalent and we started noticing that people increasingly relied on gadgets which strained their eyes. As many people started needing glasses to protect their eyes, Heykama emerged to provide not only clarity and protection for their eyes but also emphasize style as a part of people’s identity.

For us, the word ‘clarity’ isn’t limited to the vision, but also to people’s desires. People have their tastes and different uniqueness that need to be expressed through fashion. Heykama wants people to find their clarity and be true to themselves without fear of rejection.

We want you to see yourself as exactly who you are. Once you find your clarity, we hope you can take on the world with confidence at every glance.