Path to Success: Heykama’s Glimpse Back at the Trademark Market Selling a Variety of Glasses and Sunglasses Could Not Be More Exciting


Does anyone have any notable moment that stays in their memory longer than others?

Because we do, one memorable thing for us happened last month when we participated in the lively and bustling Trademark Market held in Jakarta and Bandung. As one of the biggest bazaar events in the region, Trademark Market brought together a diverse array of tenants from the fashion and culinary industries for a couple of days of excitement and exploration. The organizers of the Trademark Market thought it would be a pity to let many great brands go overlooked. They recognized the potential and enthusiasm of these brands and believed they needed to facilitate their visibility to increase their brand recognition.

As a brand still growing in the fashion industry through its online store, Heykama was delighted to show people our incredible products in person. Our purpose was also to reach a wider customer base. For us, the decision to participate was an opportunity to showcase our premium glasses and sunglasses collections, connect with customers directly, and gain experience in opening an offline store. As excitement grew throughout this event, we offered exclusive discounts that could only be found there for instance, a discount of up to 40%, a special flash sale, and a bundling promo for glasses with Blueray lenses.

The Trademark Market that was held in two cities was a thrilling event with a combination of booth decoration, lighting, and sounds to delight the customers. One of the most standout highlights we experienced during the event was the number of people attending our booth. Their faces lit up with excitement as the conversation flowed freely as they engaged with our staff.

Aside from the energetic activity at our booth, Trademark itself had some enjoyable features to entertain the visitors such as live performances and food stalls. It was located in a big place and comfortably cool thanks to the air conditioning. The event organizers had truly shown concern for the needs and comfort of both tenants and visitors. Every day during the event was an incredible moment and we couldn’t help but recall memories we had shared with attendees.

Some of the items we offered at the open booth Trademark Market were our premium glasses, sunglasses, clip-on collection, and some regular glasses. The premium collections were called Sunyata and Beyond The Shades Collections. Both collections carried a different campaign about clarity and women’s empowerment to strengthen the user identity as a person with style. 

Throughout the time at Trademark Market, Heykama’s staff was actively engaged with our attendees. We greeted them with a wide smile and took time to listen to their needs. We recommended glasses or sunglasses that matched their ideal appearances or fit their tastes. Additionally, we suggested the best glasses suitable for their daily activities to improve their productivity and health. 

And for influencers that came to our booth, we gave them a little gift to appreciate. Moreover, we took an opportunity to engage and share valuable insight with other tenants. We were giving merch and food to each other as well.

The Trademark Market became a successful event, especially for Heykama. From increased brand visibility to a surge in sales that we had been grateful for, the organizers made us absolutely stunned as the MC announced Heykama to receive a praise reward for the most favorite brand.

In the midst of it, what made our achievement truly heart-fluttering was the abundance of enthusiasm from attendees surrounding our brand. There are no words to express our gratitude and happiness when many attendees express their appreciation for the quality, offerings, and style of our glasses.

“Woah, Heykama’s booth is so full of people.”

“Heykama’s frames are so cute and cool.”

These compliments were often mentioned, and they started to sound like music to the ears of our staff.

Overall, participating in the Trademark Market was a valuable experience for us. We learned that booth decoration played a prominent role in attracting visitors’ interest. Furthermore, we noticed that exclusive offerings and staff knowledge were also significant in driving sales, which makes us eagerly want to continue improving and give exceptional hospitality to our customers in the future.

Being a part of this wonderful event was a worthwhile experience that exceeded our expectations. Although the event was held during Ramadan, it didn’t even slightly dampen our spirits, particularly when seeing the enthusiasm people brought to our booth.

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